About Us

“The tale of someone’s life begins before they are born”
- Michael Wood

Every Life has a story that deserves to be told and preserved. In this Digital world, it becomes necessary to have anonline platform with deep understanding of local culture and rituals, where the world can stop by to grieve their loss and celebrate the life and memories of their loved one.

As we strongly believe, the overall process of communicating about the loss of life, providing last rites and related service needs to be improved and organized in par with the change happening around the us. is an online platform, designed and built to provide the “Obituary and Related services” in a modern approach without losing the cultural practices and traditional believes of the community and geography.

We facilitates

  • To communicate the loss of the loved one to the world
  • Friends and family, come together during times of loss and grieve
  • To create a Memorial to honor the memories of their loved ones with lasting tributes.
  • Seek for Financial assistance for the ritual and related services