Everything about the Nipah Virus (NiV)

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What is NiV? As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), Nipah Virus is a newly emerging zoonosis that causes a severe disease in both animals and humans. This virus was first identified in Malaysia and Singapore in 1998. The virus can be transferred through infected bats, pigs or humans who have been infected.       (Copyright:     Signs and symptoms Experts say that Nipah Virus can affect those who come in direct contact with contaminated bodies.Transmission is thought to have occurred via respiratory droplets, contact with throat or nasal secretions from the pigs, or contact with the tissue of a sick animal. Some common signs and symptoms of NiV are headache, fever, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness and mental issues such as confusion. These symptoms can last up to 7-10 days. Watching out for respiratory illness during the early stages is also a must.   Prevention and cure As of now, there is no particular vaccine available purely for the treatment of Nipah Virus. The only way to treat this virus is through intensive supportive care. Since drinking raw date palm sap bitten by a bat can also cause NiV, it is safe to say that you should stay from consuming date palm for some time. Hospitals also need to raise awareness about symptoms and transmission to avoid human-to-human infections in such settings. Detection is another issue with NiV and anyone who feels the symptoms should get tested thoroughly from a recognized facility.   Here's how you can protect yourself from the deadly Nipah Virus  Avoiding direct contact with infected pigs, bats and humans in endemic regions should be practiced. Health professionals attending to such patients should take precautionary measures, such as wearing masks and gloves. If you feel uneasiness when in and around an infected region, get yourself tested immediately!

Andhima | 24-May-2018 | 2 mins read

In Movies, Dealing with Death

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Many directors in Hollywood or Bollywood or Kollywood explored the question – Is there a life after death? Or when the time comes in you cannot stop the death? In their movie. Many says that when the time comes in, the soul will depart from the body. Here is the Hollywood movie “Final destination” which revolves around the fact that when time comes in soul will depart no matter what we do. This movie sequel was a huge hit, the first movie was released in 2000 and the last movie was sequel 5 which got released in August 2011. This sequel was definitely dealt with the question of when the time comes in you cannot stop death? In kollywood, most of the movies revolve around accidental death and because of unaccomplished wishes the soul will be roaming around in the earth until it accomplishes its wishes through physically alive person. Many time these movies move with a formula of horror with comedy, director would have touched subtly on the subject of life after death. Ananthapurathu veedu a movie by serial director Mr.Naga deals with aged parents souls trying to help their son in difficult time. Movie Kanchana which deals with soul which roam around till it take revenge on its enemy or who was cause for its death. Lots comical movies came in Tamil cinema, Superstar Ranjinikanth movies Athisaya Piravi where his life was taken mistakenly by god and Lord will help him to get transported to new identical body. Pisasu is another movie where its heroin get killed in an accident and its soul trying to stay with the hero who tried to help her when she met accident. There are so many movies which came after every successful ghost movie leaves the fact that there is a life after death and not only that it has created a big commercial value as well.

Andhima | 07-Apr-2018 | 3 mins read

Death…So far but So near!

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Death is a beautiful five letter word by which earth does its balancing act…every living being thinks that it’s moving steadily and forgetting the fact that it is also moving as fast as earth rotation. It is so beautiful that you don’t feel the speed or spinning and we think that we are standing straight in a particular location while actually we are hanging. Every creatures learnt to move along with earth, the human race started to go on its own in the name of innovation and invention. It started to create an artificial alternate to whatever it found in a natural way. Human race saw a bright sunny light from sun…it created electricity, Human race saw birds flying.., it created aeroplanes…, Human race listened to different sounds.., and it created numerous sound to communicate with its group, the birth of language. That leads to mother of all confusion. A tiger in America and a tiger in India speaks same language, a parrot in Africa and a parrot in Antarctica speaks a same language but the human race within one geographic location itself speaks more than hundred language. As human race forget to embrace the nature, the human race across globe acting in a competition mode rather than compassion mode. Once the whole galaxy was so clear to observe through our naked eye today you need a special telescopes to see. The reason is today the earth is covered with full of dust pollution created by the human race act. The orbits are jammed with numerous satellite. The exploratory nature of human race destroying the earth in the name of creating a new future. While human race talking about extinction of species…the time for the extinction of human race is also shrinking rapidly!

Andhima | 07-Apr-2018 | 5 mins read