Gopaldas Neeraj   

19-Jul-2018 | Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India

Gopaldas Neeraj (4 January 1925 – 19 July 2018) was an Indian poet and author of Hindi literature. He was likewise a well known artist of Hindi Kavi sammelan. He was conceived in the town of Puravali close Mahewa of Etawah in Uttar Pradesh, India on 4 January 1925. Our deepest condolences to Gopaldas Neeraj family. May his soul rest in peace

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    Premalatha 02-Aug-2018

    Rest in Peace

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    kannan kansh 02-Aug-2018

    rest in peace

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    Venkat 20-Jul-2018


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    Ashvini Singh 19-Jul-2018

    Hindi Sahitya ke agrim Kavi ko shraddhanjali.

Hari Haran on 15-Aug-2018

Hari Haran on 15-Aug-2018

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Vel on 20-Jul-2018

Andhima  on 20-Jul-2018

Andhima on 20-Jul-2018

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